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dust cover popular use cnc router LXM1325

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1)Imported linear guiding system 25mm, with strong carrying capacity, stable running, high precision,and long life 2)Z-axis adopt imported ballscrew, equip with standard lubricating oil system, which ensure the machine last longer 3)Selecting high-power water-cooled motor and high-performance frequency converter, make machine with good performance, big torque, high efficiency 4)software with best compacity, compatible with Type3 Artcam CAXA UG Pro-E Mastercam Artgrave,etc

dust cover popular use cnc router LXM1325

1)Imported linear guiding system 25mm, with strong carrying capacity, stable running, high precision,and long life.
2)Z-axis adopt imported ballscrew, equip with standard lubricating oil system, which ensure the machine last longer.
3)Selecting high-power water-cooled motor and high-performance frequency converter, make machine with good performance, big torque, high efficiency.
4)software with best compacity, compatible with Type3/Artcam/CAXA/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Artgrave,etc.

Furniture Decoration Industry: A large area flat plate engraving, wood, panel furniture carving, wood art murals , wood cabinet doors carving.  
Wood Products Processing: Sewing machine table, electrical counter table, sports equipment.
★All of these models can be customized according to customer requirements.

Model LXM1325
Working area (x*y*z) 1300*2500*200mm
Machine structure Steel structure lathe bed and T-slot of sectional material
Work holding By clamps
Overall dimensions (mm) 3100*2050*1850
X Y movement Rack and gears
Precision (mm) 0.07
Positioning accuracy (mm) 0.02
Repeatability (mm) 0.02
Idling speed (mm/min) 15,000
Working speed (mm/min) 10000
spindle 3kw Water cooling (0-24000rpm)
Available tools (mm) 3.175~12.7
Drive system Stepper motors
Working voltage AC380V,50HZ 
Command code G code (*.nc,*.mmg, 8.u00, etc.),*.eng
Control system NC Studio
Compatible software Compatible with any software generating G code file in window 98/XP/7
Optional part 1) DSP control system or mach 3
2)Japanese Servo motor
3)Dust collector