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rotary 4 axis wood engraving cnc router 2015

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rotary 4 axis wood engraving cnc router 20151 Features of rotary cnc router1 Cast steel lathe bed, more solid

rotary 4 axis wood engraving cnc router 2015



1 Features of  rotary cnc router

1. Cast steel lathe bed, more solid and stable.

2. 4 heads, the heads can work at the same time or separate, higher working efficiency.

3. Constant power water cooling spindle, higher working strenght.

4.Hybrid servo motor ( Japanese YASKAWA SERVO motor is optional), higher working precision, not lose step.

5. Diameter, length of rotary can manufacture according to client's need.


2 Technical Parameter of rotary cnc router:

The model

LXM2015 4 heads-rotary

XY working area

2000x4x1500 mm

Z working area

300 mm

Max. speed

50 m/min

Max. working speed

30 m/min

Working delicacy

0.005 mm

Repositioning accuracy

0.05 mm


G code*u00* mmg*plt

Surrounding for software



AC 380/60HZ,50Hz


2.2KW water cooling spindle

Speed of spindle

0-24000 rpm/min

Work mode

Hybrid servo motor


ball screw for Z axis,Gear for X Y axis

Oilling system


Engraving software

Powermill software

Control software

DSP  4 axis


3 Application of rotary cnc router:

1 .The overall structure of the machine bed adopts the whole cast structure to make sure  it more stable during  it working .

 Using domestic well-known brand water-cooled spindle,big power , to make sure it has high working speed during it working

3  X, Y, axis Adopt precision work square guild Z axis adopt ball screw , to make sure it has high percision during it working

Using domestic well-known brand stepper moter and driver , to make sure it support high speed and accuracy abality for those parts 

5 With easy learn control system  original DSP , to make sure easy to operate the machine  espically for the learner