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Factory price CNC plasma cutter 1325 1530 / Portable style cnc plasma cutting machine steel

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Factory price CNC plasma cutter 1325 1530 Portable style cnc plasma cutting machine steel> Brief introduction P


Factory price CNC plasma cutter 1325 1530 / Portable style cnc plasma cutting machine steel



> Brief introduction 

Plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting with different working gases can cut a variety of  metal but oxygen  difficult to cut , especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) cutting effect is better; its main advantage is that the cutting thickness is not Large metal, the plasma cutting speed, especially in cutting ordinary carbon steel sheet, the speed of method up to 5 to 6 times than  oxygen cutting  ,the cutting surface smooth, hot deformation is small, almost no heat affected area.


> Machine in the factory 






> Machine parameters 


No. Description


(Optional:other size can be customized)

1 Working Size


(Optional:other size can be customized)

2 Z Axis Clearance 150mm(200 And Higher Is Optional)
3 Table Type No working table
4 Transmission System Rack Pinion And Hiwin Linear Rails For X/Y
5 Driving System Stepper Motor And Drivers(Servp motor is optional)
6 Max. Cutting Speed 12000mm/Min(different configuration and different material and thickness speed is different)
7 Max. Travelling Speed 30000mm/Min(different configuration speed is different)
8 Working Voltage 380V/3ph(220V/3ph is optional)
9 Plasma Generator Huayuan China and USA power as your requirements
10 Arc Mode Non-Contact Arc, Arc   Pressure Adjuster
11 Output Current 63/100/120A/160A/200A China(45/65/85/105/125/200A USA)
12 Max. Cutting  Thickness 6/15/18/20/30mm
13 Operating System Starfire Controller/Start Controller/JiaoDa fangling controller
14 Working Material

Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Sheet, Titanium Plate,   Platinum

Plate and almost all of the metal


> Machine parts 




> Machine application 




Advertising industry:

Advertising signs, logo making, decorative products, production of advertising and avariety of metal materials.


Metal industry:
For steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminium plate,gold, silver, Titanium and other metal plate and tube.








is established in July 2004 ,owns more than 500 square meters of researching and office space, more 

than 32000 square meters factory.All machines ,passed the European Union CE authentication,American 

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Our Products includes All kind of 

1.CNC Plasma cutting machine

2.Laser marking machine(Fiber/CO2/UV/Green light)

3. Laser machine(laser cutting and welding and engraving)

4. CNC knife cutting machine

5. CNC router and so on.

We can also customized non-standard assist equipment as your detailed work requirements.


> From customer feedback 


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