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Portable Model 3 fiber laser marking machine

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Fiber Laser Marking Writing Machine is a new generation laser marking system made with newest laser technique in the world It is designed with fiber laser maker as laser source, and the high-speed vibration-mirror scan system to actualize marking function Fiber laser marking machine have high conversion efficiency of electric light Permanent and indelible marking process, which stands against wiping, scuffing, impacts, wear and tear, can only be removed by grinding or surface removal Thus laser marking sustains authenticity of your brand against sort of tempering

Portable Model 3 fiber laser marking machine
(this machine is light,it can help you save air transport cost,and it is very convenient for you to use it.but it has an disadvantage:hard to adjust focus length. so explain your work clearly before buying)



Fiber Laser Marking Writing Machine is a new generation laser marking system made with 

newest laser technique in the world. It is designed with fiber laser maker as laser source, and

the high-speed vibration-mirror scan system to actualize marking function.

Fiber laser marking machine have high conversion efficiency of electric light. Permanent and 

indelible marking process, which stands against wiping, scuffing, impacts, wear and tear, can

only be removed by grinding or surface removal. Thus laser marking sustains authenticity of

your brand against sort of tempering.


 1, High stabilization: The XT portable fiber laser marking machine is equipped with the original imported fiber laser from the Germany and Scanning system from the USA. Can work in the bad environment.

2, High speed:Powerful functions of the software is compatible with the imported scanning system, the limit of the marking speed can reach 10000mm/s which is the 2-3times fast than the traditional laser marker normally.

3, Convenience: The portable fiber laser marking machine is adopts integrated and portable designed structure, easy to carry, small size and maintenance-free..

4, Power saving:The power consumption of the XT Laser portable machine is the 1/10 of the light pump laser marking machine, largely save the process cost.

5, Long lifetime: The protable fiber laser marking machine has no consumption, and the lifetime of the imported fiber laser can reach 100000  hours. The lifetime can reach 12 years in the condition of 24 hours work everyday.

6, Perfect light beam: The focusing light beam of the portable fiber laser marking machine is less than 20um, especially apply to subtle and precise marking.

7, Powerful function:Compatible with the files from CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop etc.

    Supporting the file format of PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP etc. Supporting auto-coding, serial No.,

   batch No., barcode, 2 -D code and so on.




Laser type                                       

MAX/CAS/RAYCUS/JPT/IPG laser generator

Laser power                                   

 20W (30/50W optional)

Supports graphical format                           


Beam quality 

m2 <2

Power stability  

(8h) <± 1% rms

Pulse repetition frequency             


Power consumed


Minimum line width                          


Minimum character                         


Laser Wavelength                         


Galvanometer Size                        

100 * 100mm (optional)

Cooling way

Air cooling

Operating voltage                          

110/220V ± 10% /,50/60HZ

Ambient operating temperature     

15 ° C - 35 ° C




760*210*570 (mm)


plywood wooden packaging