Support after sale service 3D marking rf co2 galvo laser marking machine

Support after sale service 3D marking rf co2 galvo laser marking machine>>> Machine display:>>> Application:co2 las


 Support after sale service 3D marking rf co2 galvo laser marking machine







>>> Machine display:





>>> Application:


co2 laser marking engraving machine applicable for so many materials like bamboo, coconut shell, paper, plexiglass, PCB board, acrylic, rubber, marble, granite, jade, crystal, leather, fabric and so on the vast majority of non-metallic materials. It was used in craft gifts, advertising decoration, toys, electronic appliances, clothing, medicine, food, paper products and other industries.


>>> Marking sample:

>>> Characture:


1). High precision marking, swift, engraving depth controllable.

2). Applied on most of non-metal material.

3). Excellent beam quality, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good performance and can be competent at fine processing.

4). Windows interface adopted, compatible with CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP, etc.

5). Support PLT,PCX, DXF,BMP and other formats, execute SHX, TTF font directly, support automatic code, serial number, batch number, two-dimensional bar code marking, and garphic anti marking function available.


>>> Technical Parameter:



Laser Power

Processing Area


Glass Laser Tube 60W



Glass Laser Tube 80W



Glass Laser Tube 100W



RF Laser Tube 10W



RF Laser Tube 30W



RF Laser Tube 60W



RF Laser Tube 100W


DF = Chinese Glass Sealed Co2 Laser Tube

RF = USA or Chinese Metal Sealed RF Co2 Laser Tube

Customized Specification is Available

Machine size:245cmX90cmX165cm

Machine weight:380KG

Laser Type: CO2

Power:  30W/50W/100W/180W/200W/350W

Laser Wave Length: 10.6um

Optional Working Area: 0-400mm

Marking Speed: ≤7000mm/s

Min. Linear Width: 0.15mm

Marking Depth: ≤3mm/≤5mm/≤8mm

Repeat Frequency: ≤100KHz

Min. Character: ≤0.8mm

Repeat Accuracy: ±0.002mm

Power Supply: AC 220V 50KHz 20A

Cooling: Water Cooling


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>>> FAQ:


Q1 :How about warranty?

A1:3 years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge(some parts will be maintained) when if any problem during the warranty period.


Q2:2 I don’t know which one is suitable for me ?

A2:Please tell me your 

1) Max work size:We can do work size with 110*100mm-----300mm*300mm.

2) Materials and marking effect:we will check whether our machine is suitable for you or not and choose a most suitable power and optional parts.


Q3:Payment terms?

A3:Alibaba trade assurance/TT/West Union/Payple/LC/Cash and so on.


Q4:Do you have CE document and other documents for customs clearance?

A4:Yes,we have Original. At first we will show you and And after shipment we will give you CE/Packing list/Commercial Invoice/Sales contract for customs clearance.


Q5:I don’t know how to use after i receive Or i have problem during use,how to do?


1) We have detailed user manual with pictures and CD,you can learn step by step.And our user manual update every month for your easy learning if there is any update on machine.

2) If have any problem during use,you need our technician to judge

The problem elsewhere will be solved by us. We can provide team viewer

/Whatsapp/Email/Phone/Skype with cam till all of your problems finished.We can also provide Door service if you need.


Q6:Delivery time

A5:General configuration:3 days. Customized:7-10 working days.