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2 spindles automatic tool changer cnc router 1325

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2 spindles automatic tool changer cnc router 1325

2 spindles automatic tool changer cnc router 1325
if your work need 2 automatic tool changer finished ,it is your good choice.and the price of it is cheap comparing with linear 8 pieces tool changer .


1 Feature of 2 spindles cnc router:

1.several heads working at the same time,Z axis can be adjusted separately.

2.Imported ball screw from Germany and imported linear square orbit.

3.Taiwan inverter with stable output signals.

4.High flexility and shield cable and imported electronic components .

5.High-speed driver with high power inverter insures the stability through processing.

6.The machine can bear a long term of processing or processing under a harsh situation of temperature and humidity.


2 Parameter of 2 spindles cnc router :

Working Area

1300*2500*200mm(1530 2030 2040 is optional)

Working Accuracy


Repositioning Resolution

±0.02 mm


Vacuum table(T -slot and T+V is optional)

X/Y Structure

HIWIN linear rail & rack and pinion

Z Structure

HIWIN linear rail and ballscrew

Rapid Travel Rate


Working Speed


Spindle Power

3KW water cooling(optional:2.2kw,4.5kw)

Spindle Speed



3.7kw SUNFAR(optional:Delta)

Drive motor


Command Language

HPGL G code

Working Voltage


Operating System

NcStudio (optional: DSP handle)

Compatible Software


Gross weight



3 Applicable of 2 spindles cnc router:

Applicable Industries:
Woodworking industry: cupboard door, craft wooden door, solid wood door, panel engraving and cutting, stereo wave board processing, panel furniture, painting door, paint-free door, screen, craft windows working, furniture milling and engraving, wooden musical instrument 3D engraving
Other industry
Advertising industry: advertising signs, acrylic cutting, logo making, plastic molding, a variety of advertising and decorative products making

Applicable Materials:
MDF, wood, plywood, solid wood, PVC, acrylic, double-color board, plastic plate, luminous panel, organic glass, aluminum, copper, sliver, gold, iron, stainless steel and other materials.