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ATC CNC Router/ 3 spindles auto tool change cnc router/wood door making machine

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ATC CNC Router 3 spindles auto tool change cnc router wood door making machine(this model is with 3 spindles at

ATC CNC Router/ 3 spindles auto tool change cnc router/wood door making machine

(this model is with 3 spindles atc tool changer and if you have cylider materials,we can add a rotary beside the machine)



1 Features of  3 spindles cnc router:

1).  Strong machine structure,

  •     T style  heavy duty frame, with thick steel, thickness is more than 15mm, after high temperture handle, won't be defomed
  •    Special professional worktable, higher than normal frame, durable and avoid shaking.
  •    Strong side support and cross beam with good steel ability, durable and guarantee the precision

2). Very practical machine,especially for wood door processing

  • It is a kind of economical ATC machine, because we can change the bits easily by switching the spindles,save time and labor. For most doors, 1 such machine is the best choice.  

3). High precision components

  • Taiwan made rack and pinion transmission
  • Taiwan made linear rails and blocks,durable,high precision and more stable 
  • Germany ballscrews for Z axis.  
  • Omron switches, from Japan.
  • Delta servomotors and drivers. (Japanese ones are optional)
  • Best air cooling spindles made in China. (Water cooling and Italy HSD spindles are optional).
  • Top quality driver in China, brand is Yako

4). Table structure

Our Standard model comes with Aluminium T-Slot, but when you order with a vacuum hold-down pump, you can have a PVC Vacuum Table installed instead.


2 Technical parameter of 3 spindles cnc router:


Working Area(XY)

 1300*2500mm,1500*3000mm and more

Working Area(Z)

200mm or others


Positioning Accuracy



+/- 0.05mm

Control Part

3 Axis Control Motor

Stepper Motor


DSP remote controller( NC studio l  Mach3 )



Spindle Motor


3kw,watercooling, 24000rpm/4.5kw/6kw or others 



Table Structure

Material Hold Down

Vacuum Combined T slot

Traverse System

Traverse System

Linear Guide on 3 axis, Rack and Pinion on Y, Ballscrew on Z

Max. Traverse Speed


Power Source


380V/3phase; 220V/3phase


Vacuum pump

Watering or free-oil type


Linear Type or Carrousel Type ATC

Dust Collecting System

Dust collector + Dust collector hood

Command Language


G code & PLT




3 Application of 3 spindles cnc router:

Woodworking industry: all kinds of door,window,cabinets,wooden craft,screens,wave board and other furniture processing.

Advertising decoration: advertising signs,labeling,advertising materials cutting,plastic molding,LED neon and other kinds of decorative product processing.

Craft industry: a variety of exquisite designs and texts can be carved on wood,MDF,acrylic,PVC,stone,bamboo,marble,organic board,color plate etc.